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PHARMA DRY SYRUP HDPE Bottle Sets are well known for their long lasting quality, non toxic content and reusable quality. White in color, these deformation proof bottle sets have adequate storage capacity. Accurate dimension, dent protection capacity and light weight are the main aspects of these bottle sets.
PHARMA NUTRACEUTICAL HDPE Tablet Containers are accessible in different sizes and storage capacity based options. Made of food grade plastic, these containers are deformation protected. Round shape and light weight are some of the key aspects of these tablet containers.
Assembly Dropper
Assembly Droppers are used for maintaining accuracy of medicine dosage while administering pharmaceutical drops. Known for their rigid body, these droppers can be availed in sterilized or non sterilized form. Ease of handling, non toxic content and cost effectiveness are the key aspects of these droppers.
Flip Top Cap
Flip Top Caps are used as integral parts of containers of cosmetics and personal care products. Hinge based mechanism of these caps simplifies their opening and closing. These highly durable caps are stain proof, have good anti bacterial properties and are crack protected.
HDPE tablet container
The HDPE Tablet Container, made of chosen plastic with powder-coated finish, is ideal for storing pharmaceuticals or supplements. Its robust design withstands chemicals and impacts, perfect for chemical, pharmaceutical, and food industries. It is easy for secure storage and transportation of small items, ensuring product integrity.

Measuring Cup
The Measuring Cup, crafted from durable HDPE plastic with a powder-coated finish, is indispensable in kitchens, labs, and industries. It accurately measures liquids or dry ingredients, ensuring precision in cooking, baking, or experiments. Its durability and chemical resistance make it versatile for handling various substances, while clear markings enable efficient portion control.

Mouth Wash Caps
Polypropylene made Mouth Wash Caps are useful to maintain correct dosage before applying. These caps have markings on their outer surface to denote specific level of mouth wash. These recyclable quality caps have accurate dimension. These are maintenance free and cost effective.
Pharma Measuring Cup
Pharma Measuring Cups are used as integral parts of bottles containing syrup and tonic. Made of food grade PP, these pharma grade cups have level marking arrangement to maintain required dosage of medicines.
Pharmaceutical Empty Hard Gelatin Capsule
Pharmaceutical Empty Hard Gelatin Capsules have been produced from gelatin obtained from skin of different animals. Available in different sizes, these empty capsules are filled by using high grade machines. These gelatin capsules are deformation proof and are accessible in custom made colors and sizes.
Ring Cap
Ring Caps are used as suitable sealing solutions for homeopathic medicine bottles. Made of polypropylene, this range of caps is popular for its non toxic content, light weight, perfect dimension, ease of handling and reasonable price. Offered caps can be availed in different color and size based options.
Seal Cap
Seal caps are used for airtight sealing of bottles of beverages, vegetable oil, cosmetics etc.  Available in different size options, these PP caps are popular for their accurate diameter, long lasting quality and wear proof design. These caps are cost effective.
Water Bottle Cap
Developed from PVC/PP or PE, this array of water bottle caps is well known for its good sealing performance, long lasting quality and toxin free content. These bottle caps are recyclable and are completely safe to be used for drinking water bottle.
Dropper Stick
Made of PE or PP, this range of dropper sticks is accessible in various sizes.  Transparent in appearance, these sticks have clearly visible marking to denote specific level of medicines during administering. Offered product range is cost effective and is maintenance free.
Tablet And Gel Applicator
Tablet And Gel Applicators offered by us are used to apply medicinal gels without causing contamination. Rigid body, optimum durability, white color, non toxic content and specific diameter are the key aspects of these medicine applicators. This product range is cost effective.